Advantages of Design Valuable Software
Advantages of Design Valuable Software
Dec 11, 2020
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By: Sarck Solution

Advantages of Design Valuable Software

The answer to the question of why you need to create high-quality software is logical and logical for all sides of the development process. Obviously, any customer wants to get a high-quality software product that meets all the requirements, as cheaply as possible and within the allotted time, in order to prevent future maintenance costs, finding problems, errors, etc.

On the other hand, the developer is interested in doing his job on time, with the highest quality, in order to reduce his costs during the warranty service. That is, both sides of the software development process pursue at least two identical goals: the delivery of the product on time and the achievement of the highest possible quality.

Creation of an initially high-quality software product:

  • Increases the likelihood of project success and delivery on time, and ultimately, the introduction of software into operation.
  • Reduces warranty costs on both sides.
  • Creates prerequisites for reducing the total development time, since programmers are not distracted by fixing errors or shortcomings.

There are direct and indirect reasons on the part of the software developer for creating reliable and high-quality. These include:

  • Reduced internal development costs and increased overall task processing speed. Those. high-quality development immediately allows you to avoid interruptions in work, switching to other tasks, searching for errors in software, rechecking solutions, search for workarounds, restoring operability, etc.
  • Connects the client with the developer until the client is satisfied.
  • Creates a sometimes insurmountable competitive advantage for others when participating in tenders for development.

By itself, fewer errors speak of the professionalism of the developer, increases customer satisfaction, and, which is important for the future, creates the likelihood of new orders from the client and the possibility of receiving good recommendations.

Our company also refers to the criteria of high-quality software as its property as extensibility, or the potential for modernization, since developers often face such a situation that it is easier to throw out the old and make a new one. The potential for modernization lies in well-designed, future-oriented software architecture, and selected development technologies.

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